A Sneak Peek at Terminator: Salvation


Last week, the makers behind what is sure to be one of this summer’s biggest hits, Terminator: Salvation, called upon a few journalists for a gathering to view clips from the upcoming film. Salvation’s director, McG was in attendance (with a couple of his producers) and in-between the excerpts, the one-name maverick spun tales about the harrowing world of filmmaking and how this film came to be. He also made fun of his moniker, which was kind of awesome.

One spectacular talker, McG reminded me of the old carnival barkers that infamous schlock filmmaker David F. Friedman holds in such high regard. There is a definite art to bringing together a disparate (and admittedly jaded) group and making them want to spend money on your act. McG did a wonderful job of making everyone feel like their opinions and ideas were worth noting. He’s a grand master of presentation, and I will confess, he almost hooked me. But more on that in a bit…

But what about the clips, you ask? They were screened in very rough forms; some were even still in their pre-CGI cartoon state. They were action packed and several of the (finished) images were quite startling and beautiful. McG promises that the post-apocalyptic world the first two films only alluded to will be the main focus of Salvation (he doesn’t count the third film as part of the series – and you’ll get no argument here). The images often looked like something right out of The Road Warrior while others resembled glossier sci-fi such as Gattaca. I think mixing the hostile outside world with SkyNet is a brilliant move on the filmmaker’s part.

I think fans might be in for a treat. We’ve got a director interested in what people want from the movie, we’ve got Christian Bale who wouldn’t sign on until he felt the story was strong enough, and we’ve got some crazy big robots that kill people. It’s a tried and true formula that has to potential to be the makings of a great popcorn flick.

This article first appeared on Pretty Scary.

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