Masters of Horror: The V Word (2006)


Review: “Masters of Horror – The V Word”
4 stars

The Bottom Line

On one quiet night, best friends decide to break into the local funeral home to check out a body. Instead they cross paths with something more vicious than they ever could have imagined. This meeting will teach these boys the meaning of friendship and the importance of the V Word.


  • Excellent acting all the way around
  • A nice twist on the tired vampire tales
  • Good special effects
  • Filled with dread, The V Word manages to sustain suspense for the entire running time


  • Michael Ironside’s character is a bit predictable


  • Genre: Horror
  • Directed by Ernest Dickerson
  • Starring: Michael Ironside, Arjay Smith, Branden Nadon
  • Original Airdate: November 10, 2006
  • Network: Showtime

Guest Guide Review – “Masters of Horror – The V Word”

I’ve never been one for the customary vampire film. I tend towards the less gothic, grosser versions ala Nosferatu. There’s always been something inside me that likes my vampires to be dirty and terrifying from the get go. That’s exactly what I got with Ernest Dickerson’s first entry into the Masters of Horror series. This bloodsucker ain’t playing around! Even if I found the casting of Ironside rather conventional, he’s still a great choice as the villain. No brooding here, this guy enjoys his undead lifestyle!

What was so surprising about The V Word was how it captivated me. I was completely drawn into the plight of the teenage boys and really felt for them and the dilemma at hand. The excellent script by Masters of Horror series creator Mick Garris keeps their friendship natural and real. There’s no over-the-top silliness in their presentation, instead both Smith and Naden play it straight and come across as genuine buddies. The V Word has everything going for it – an appealing story, tight direction, atmosphere to spare and a good wrap – up but in the end it’s the excellent performances by these two boys that drew me over to the dark side.


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