I am a published writer who specializes in made for television movies from the 70s and 80s. My most recent work can be viewed on my blog Made for TV Mayhem. It is sometimes a light and airy place, but my blog is also meant to serve as a device to document some of the more obscure (and sometimes not so obscure) programming from my youth. Made for TV movies are a great passion of mine and through my site and diligence in promoting it on facebook, I was recently asked to supply creative content and co-edit a book on the genre (information coming soon!).

I also love slasher films, and have written about the genre for websites such as Film Threat, Retro Slashers, and Planet Fury, and my work can be seen in the print publications Sirens of Cinema and Cinema Fantastique.

Although I love writing, I enjoy working behind the scenes, and I also proofread and copy edit on a freelance basis.

In 2013 I graduated from college with a B.A. in Cultural Studies, and my senior dissertation paper was on the cultural representations of slasher films from 1980. I was recently accepted into a highly respected Masters of Library Science graduate program and I dream of the day when I can take part in archiving, cataloging and preserving niche films.

For fun, I maintain a tumblr dedicated to the 1980s, and I appear as a guest on the Movies About Girls podcast. And, every so often I pop up during the Halloween season on The Movie Channel’s horror movie promotional interstitials (hint: I talk about the importance of dead body placement in slasher films).

In short, I love retro films, television and music!

Because websites can be such an ephemeral space, this site is meant to give my now-lost works a new home, either for publishers who wish to view my work, or fans of the genres I concentrate my work on. Enjoy!

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